All Time is NOW!

Everything is moving!

Time SEEMS sequential to a three-dimensional mind, and to a certain extent, from the relatively fixed perspective of our normally, apparently stationary minds, it is. However, we are all moving. Everything is moving.

Consider a DVD Burner. Time-Space is like a DVD disk that is in the process of being recorded.

Thoughts are THINGS!

Thoughts are THINGS! Actions are things.

These things, both thoughts and actions, are being recorded as we fly through the continuum of Time-Space, which exists all at once. NOW! It’s kinda like a partially recorded DVD… Sort of.

The Earth is spinning around its axis. The Earth and Moon are both revolving around a common point, which is located within the mass of the Earth. These two are orbiting the Sun. The Sun is spinning around the spiraling Milky Way galaxy. The Galaxy is tumbling around the Universe. The Universe is flopping around, like a flag in the Multi-Verse.

All the while, NOTHING is in the same place twice. We never occupy the spot in Time-Space that we occupied a moment ago. We pass through SPACE, rather than Time. All time is NOW!


Consider again a DVD Burner. Tame-Space is like a DVD disk that is in the process of being recorded. The media already contains the rocks and trees in its “Blank” state of our surroundings. Even these things change across the media of Time-Space.

One thing, before you pass on anything you have read about time travel, that you MUST understand, is that it's sorta like that Natash Beddingfield song, Unwritten, (

The "future" has not been recorded yet. WE are in control of our destinies. God grants us our own FREE WILL. We write the future. Only the "past" and the "present" are as yet recorded on the total skein of time and space which all exists NOW, like all the songs on a CD, which only APPEAR to be sequential to the reader.


The difference is that the "future" is being recorded as we pass through that moment in the Multi-Verse, see?

As the Earth spins around its axis, and the Earth and Moon together spin around a common point, called something like the "Berri Point", [sp?] those two spin around the Sun, the Sun spins around the center of the Milky Way galaxy, and the galaxy undoubtedly pins around something as if flies across the Universe, while even THAT is punching holes through the Multi-Verse, it's all happening NOW, we just don't see it that way, because we are in a different SPACE than we were a moment AGO, just like the reader on a CD player or a DVD player is moving towards the center to give the APPEARANCE that time (the music or movie) flows by. SEE?

We are recording. SEE?

But if you look at the CD or DVD, it exists as a whole, all at once.

All Time is NOW!

Every moment of Space, looks like a different Time.


Edgar Cayce on "TIME"

24. (A) ... Remember, in spirit there is no time but now.

Through the lips of the sleeping Edgar Cayce (0560-001) May 8, 1941

9. Hence the entity passes along those stages that some have seen as planes, some have seen as steps, some have seen as cycles, and some have experienced as places.

10. How far? How far is tomorrow to any soul? How far is yesterday from thy consciousness?

11. You are IN same (that is, all time as one time), yet become gradually aware of it; passing through, then, as it were, God's record or book of consciousness or of remembrance; for meeting, being measured out as it were to that to which thou hast attained.

Through the lips of the sleeping Edgar Cayce (5755-001) June 27, 1938

33. Know, all time is one, - as is space, as is patience.Applying same in the experience of self in those directions, we may find much - if there is held that seeking for the directing by the spirit of good, and not good that it may only be wellspoken of or thought of, but Thy will, acknowledging that He IS!

Out of a sleeping Edgar Cayce (2012-001) September 25, 1939

3. (A) ... All mater is as one matter. All time as one time, and the various conditions as are presented in that of the material plane, is as to the rate of its vibratory force as is set in motion, and its portion of that first Creative Energy that impels its own propagation, in time, in space, in the material form and manner, and is of man's - the highest created Creative Energy in the material plane - the set spaces by man.

Out of the mouth of the sleeping Edgar Cayce (0900-306) March 16, 1927

11. (Q) Should I be able to discard one or both braces within the next year, if treatments are continued properly?

11. (A) Whether it's next year or in the next century, do you want to carry on or do you want to just quit! These depend - it is not a question as to whether the effect will be created, but as to whether there is the coordination between mind, body and purpose. Whether this comes tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, or the year after - all time is one time. It may be accomplished tomorrow. Are you ready for it? Ask yourself those questions, rather than how soon it is going to be - when is it going to happen. It will happen when you are ready for it! Are you ready?

Out of the mouth of a sleeping Edgar Cayce (2778-006) December 9, 1943

9. (Q) [115]: How can I best cooperate with this group?

9. (A) Be an emissary of light to those in the group and OUT, bringing those together who may be of aid to, or who may GIVE an understanding to the various groups as they go ABOUT their work. Be a real emissary, as the body HAS been in that called the past - MAKE it NOW! for all time is ONE time.

Through the sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce (0262-002) September 20, 1931

7. (A) ... All time is one time - see? That is as a fact, see? All space is one space - see? Another fact.

Through Edgar Cayce (0294-045) October 22, 1925

33. (Q) Considering past experiences and our present development and purposes, would it be well for me to marry [820] and how may we parallel the experience we had in a past appearance?

33. (A) These as we find must be choices of each entity. To be sure, the parallels will be found in the purposes set much farther along, as time would be counted materially. But remember, all time is one time. Purpose never loses its import in mind. For, good is ever good.

Through Edgar Cayce (1968-005) July 25, 1941

6. (Q) The thought of what others consider right will enter in even when one knows deep within that he is gaining great soul development from actions whose high motives are not seen and understood from the outside world. When one's inner self repeatedly dictates a course which the world perhaps would misunderstand, how can one bravely follow that inner dictate and be free from the fear of misunderstanding. Give me a passage of scripture or a message to strengthen me.

6. (A) The passage is, 'My Spirit - (thy soul) - beareth witness with thy spirit as to whether ye be truly the sons and daughters of God or not." Not merely conscience, but DO all things for conscience' sake, that there may be harmony in thine inner self. Or, would that all would learn that He, the Christ Consciousness, is the Giver, the Maker, the Creator of the world and all that be therein! And ye are His, for ye are bought with a price, even that of passing through flesh as thou that He might experience and know all thy thoughts, thy fears, thy shortcomings, thy desires, the dictates of the physical consciousness, the longings of the physical body. Yet He is at the right hand, IS the right hand, IS the intercessor for ye all. Hence thy destinies lie in Him. And again, as the scripture hath said, "God hath not willed that any soul should perish, or that any should be cut off from His face, but hath with the temptation prepared a way of escape." Hence the NECESSITY of patience, of living in the soul, seeing all time as ONE time, that ye may know whereunto thou hast been called. And though thy brother, thy friend, thy dearest one finds fault or becomes discouraged because he is going his own way, if thou wilt call - His promise has been, "Though ye wander far afield, though ye be forsaken, though ye be misunderstood, if ye will call I will hear!" And if ye be on the Lord's side, WHO can be against you?

Through the sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce (0262-002) September 20, 1931

7. (A) ... All time is one time - see? That is as a fact, see? All space is one space - see? Another fact.

Through Edgar Cayce (0696-003) January 28, 1935

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